The Characteristics of a Great Security Guard

As a property manager, finding the right security guard is key to operating a successful property, especially in this world of break-ins and robberies. It’s easy to make assumptions about what makes a good security guard, but don’t dismiss the obvious over the detailed values. Here are a few characteristics to look for when looking for a great security guard.

Personable Social Skills

Although it’s not part of their duty to engage on a customer service level, it’s important for your guards to give off a sense of comfort and safe feeling to the residents in the building. Something as simple as a smile and a light greeting can make all the difference in the world to your guests.


A great security guard has the ability to recognize his or her environment no matter who comes through the door. They are able to keep distractions to a minimal while on the job. Staying awake and alert throughout their shift should be an automatic built-in setting. A lot can happen throughout the course of a day, you’ll want someone who is not only aware of every minute but is quick to act as well.

Stay Calm

The best security guards are those who are able to keep their cool under pressure. The ones who can keep focused on their duties even during the most stressful times of the day are the ones worth working with. Having your security team break down during the middle of a crisis is the last thing you need for you residents and property. Look for those who are capable of staying alert and yet keeping their composure throughout any situation.

Good memory

Another strong value of a great security guard is when they have a good memory. This means that they should be able to remember everything from names and faces of your residents to daily activities and building traffic throughout the day. The more details they can remember, the better!

Security guards come in all shapes and sizes, it’s the combination of past training, awareness and social skills that separate the great from the good. Whether you’re hiring security staff in-house or outsourcing through a staffing and training company, be sure to look for the characteristics that make a great security guard!