According to the FBI, home break-ins are the most common threat to one’s home. There are over 2.5 million home intrusions in the US every year. As a property manager, it’s essential to not only protect your property from home break-ins, but to make your residents feel safe and comfortable too. Setting your property up with the proper security system or security guards can do just that.

When do break-ins occur?

We are right in the middle of the season which is statistically known for having the most break-ins. The combination of nice weather, plus occupants being at work, makes the middle of the day one of the most popular times for burglars to strike! Be ready all through July and August as they are two of the most popular months for burglar attempts.

Discuss Weak Areas

Take time to communicate with your residents to bring up safety awareness. Consider all common entry points around your property when educating your residents on how to protect their area.  Place automatically lighting systems around these areas to discourage burglars from the obvious sections of the property. We’ve mentioned more details in a past article that can you help you save money during these installation process.

Fast Responding Security Systems

Start with a basic alarm screen. This type of system covers windows and sounds the alarm if they are broken into. If you’re looking to invest a little more into your security system, consider Video Surveillance and Home Monitoring. These tools can help with everything from remotely monitor requested areas of your property to notifying necessary services immediately if the alarm sounds.

Most homes and properties are targeted due to unoccupied homes with easy access, open windows visible from the street and poor lighting. Take the necessary persuasions to make your property too difficult for burglars to access or appear to have a sophisticated burglar alarms. These examples are sure to not only protect your property from home break-ins, but also to put your residents’ minds at ease.