What Are Unarmed Security Services?

Security services provides you, your company, or your property with critical private protection. Each guard is unarmed and allowed to operate on private property or within the bounds of property.

Every guard that we place with your company is required to go through a rigorous screening and background check process to ensure they are trustworthy. After screening, they go through in-house training to help them provide a higher quality security service on your property whether it is on a cruise ship, in a mall, or in a retail shop.

Once each guard has completed training, they operate as private security guards and will fulfill their contractual obligations for the necessary time span. Security guard services may be requested for short one-time events, or on a temporary ongoing basis to fill a gap in staff employment. Contact us to learn more about security services fire guard and more.

Planned Companies Security Services Include

  • Residential Security Guards
  • Gated Community Security
  • Commercial Security Guards
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Foot Patrols
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Control Room Services & Management
  • Walking/Foot Officers
  • Special Event Security
  • Gate House Security
  • Temporary Guards
  • Fire Guards
  • Fire Watch Services
  • Safety Awareness Seminars

Fast Guard Services Provided By Planned

Our goal is to be known as the best security guard company. To accomplish this, we must first deliver the highest level of protection service, fast response time, vigilant personnel and the highest quality of training without the risk that comes with armed security guards. We believe, based on our decades of experience professionally securing valued client sites, that this will help achieve the highest level of satisfaction from our customers.

Courtesy Patrol

Planned Companies provides professional Courtesy Patrol services, also commonly known as Roving Patrol, or Roving Security, to commercial buildings and residential communities that we proudly service.

Courtesy Patrol enables efficient route monitoring of your property or community, providing tenants and residents with full peace of mind that the areas are secured. Utilizing Planned’s roving patrol technology, clients can receive full transparency into when specific sectors of their community/property have last been secured, further enhancing the security experience.

Fire Guard Duty

Many buildings require or just feel safer with an assigned Fire Guard on duty. Certain local governments may require, by code, the presence of a trained and depending on the municipality, licensed Fire Guard. A Fire Guard has training in fire extinguishing equipment, fire safety, sprinkler systems and emergency procedures.

Certain residential buildings not equipped with sprinkler systems may require full time Fire Watch personnel as do some hotels, offices, shelters, construction sites where an open flame is in use. Buildings where the fire alarm or sprinkler system is for any reason out of service may require the services of a Fire Guard.

Event Security

If your organization is planning a special event such as a tradeshow, a conference, a concert or festival, Planned can coordinate and staff the proper level of security.

Should you require a single security officer or a full team which may include security scanning at the entrance or crowd control, we can craft a solution for your specific requirement.

Gated Communities

A gated community’s top-selling asset for residents is that the neighborhood is safer and more reliable, providing a sense of security.

Unfortunately, many neighborhoods fail to live up to this reputation as simply installing an gate will not prevent vandalism, theft, or other disturbances.

Hiring a security service provides a stronger sense of safety to residents. Not only does a consistent guard raise the value of the neighborhood’s homes, these services keep crime down, and help make the neighborhood a quieter and more peaceful place for everyone.

School or College Campus

Make campus grounds and college campuses safer with unarmed security guard patrols, CCTV monitoring, and proactive safety measures for the student faculty.

Not looking to hire a security service but want your students to learn about safety on and off the grounds?

Our security guards can host safety awareness seminars, helping keep your students safer any time of day. These safety seminars include valuable education on safety precautions to take, what to do in certain situations, and how to stay vigilant for other students who might require help.

Short Term Assignments

We provide short-term security to suit your needs. Scenarios where short-term security may be required include, covering vacation or sick leave, filling in for a recently dismissed security employee, securing a construction site, picket lines, news conferences, etc.

Our team can staff your short-term security guard needs quickly and efficiently.

How Much Does a Security Guard Service Cost?

Hiring a professional security guard is affordable for most establishments, events, and offices. These unarmed guard services can provide security full-time, part-time, or fill in temporary gaps when hiring new security staff.

Like most contractor-based security contracts, the cost to hire a professional security guard depends on your needs and the assignment term.

At Planned, we take care of the hiring details, matching your project with an available trained guard so you can continue to focus on your business.

The cost depends on the type of service necessary, the number of guards to adequately secure the space, and how long you need to keep guards on staff.

To learn more about unarmed security guard services and get a free estimate based on the size of the space and the contract term, contact the team at Planned today.

How Unarmed Guard Service Can Help You VS. Armed

Unarmed guard services are an excellent choice for security in businesses and communities that are looking to secure their assets and provide a sense of security to patrons and residents alike.

College campuses, for example, rely on unarmed guards from Planned to ensure the safety of their students and prevent vandalism.

Gated communities and neighborhoods within HOAs utilized hired services to provide a stronger sense of well-being and protection within the community and raise the overall value and security of the neighborhood.

Managers utilize these temporary security services to provide essential unarmed security and safety precautions for weddings, trade shows, social activities, and other types of security guard event that is open to the public or include a large number of participants.

Offices, restaurants, and retail stores often use these unarmed guard services to deter theft, remove unwanted patrons from private property, and provide a stronger sense of safety for office workers in high-profile work environments.

An armed guard may offer protection, but these officers may also make patrons and staff nervous. An armed security guard can be dangerous if improperly trained or armed with the wrong weapons.

Instead of keeping our security guards armed, we train our unarmed guards with care to prevent compromising the protection of your staff.

Why Choose Planned?


Here at Planned, we strongly adhere to our I-Plan hiring methodology when providing unarmed security services.

Standing for Integrity, Passion, Longevity, And Never being complacent, I-Plan allows our team to provide our clients with security guards who are the best fit for the job at hand.

We accomplish this by carefully screening prospective security associates in advance to ensure each possesses the required interpersonal and technical skills needed. Upon selection, the prospective associates are required to go through extensive (and national) background checks.

Once completed, the onboarding and security orientation process begins. Throughout our entire process, we always keep our clients “in the know,” and allow them to have the final say before the hiring process is completed.


Upon completion of a background check in all fifty states, our guards enter our O.R.A.C.L.E training center in Parsippany, NJ. Prior to their first day in Jersey, each guard will have already totaled 24 hours of training. While on-site, our guards receive on-going training periodically to ensure their skills stay sharp, their security knowledge and understanding is up-to-date, and your property is being protected by the best in the industry. Planned offers an Active Shooter Protocol presentation for selected groups, learn more here.

Oversight & Supervision

At Planned, we have several layers of oversight and supervision throughout our organization, allowing our security guards to give property managers peace of mind.Each property that we service is assigned an operations manager who will over-see all day-to-day operations of the staff. In addition, an executive director is assigned to each property to assist with changes, immediate concerns, and higher-level issues as they arise.


Technology is a key component of a successful building’s security program. Planned Security Services utilizes state of the art security technology to aid in the overall protection of our clients’ propertyand tenants.Smart security tech can help expand a security guard’s reach by providing remote alerts from always vigilant devices. Some of the solutions we employ are:

Visitor Identification

Planned’s in-house developed visitor identification system was designed to ensure that only those with business in your building are allowed access for top protection and security.Our system records the visitor’s photo and logs their arrival and departure time in our Guest Access system. The tenant or resident expecting the visitor will receive electronic notification that their visitor has arrived and is waiting.

Round Verification

Planned Tour is our round verification system designed to confirm the security guards are making their appointed rounds on time.

Using RFID technology, Planned Tour allows the security guards to scan stationary RFID agents mounted at key checkpoints along the checkpoint path. This data is then uploaded to a security management portal to allow managers to precisely track the security guard’s activities.

Facial Recognition Employee Check-in

Planned Security Services has also created a state-of-the-art facial recognition system that requires our employees to check in and check out for their shift by photographic image from a device securely mounted to the guard station. This process eliminates any question of the employee’s start time or quitting time.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is another benefit of Planned Security Services. If your service program includes a Planned Security vehicle you have access to view its travel graphically overlaid on a map via our GPS tech for added transparency.

Licensed and Insured Security Guard Services

At Planned, we ensure that all our guards have the proper licensure to fulfill their duties, from patrol certifications to security guard licensure. The type of certification or licensure required depends on the state of operation.

Proper licensure and background checking is important to maintain the security of your community, business, or event. Want to learn more about what these security guard services means for the protection of your company? Contact us today.

We go above and beyond the state-mandated licensure and requirements to provide additional training and education so that our guards stay vigilant and aware while on the job.

Provided with this top-level of additional training and education for any situation, our guards can investigate disturbances and threats, monitor alarm systems, patrol the premises and initiate vehicle tows or call the police department if necessary.

Keep Your Business Protected with a Security Officer

Your business deserves top quality protection. Whether you are looking to keep unwanted visitors off your property with walking patrols, or need CCTV monitoring of your property, we can help you.

Minimize loss of assets due to theft, keep your community safer, and discourage any unwanted activities.

At Planned, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care and training to our personnel because we know that a guards’ behavior can reflect on your company.

We provide quick response time and vigilant personnel to keep your business as safe as possible without using armed security guards.

It’s time to keep your business protected with guards armed security can’t beat.
We are one of the top security nationwide. For more information about our security officers or to get a quote on hiring our security guards, get in touch with our protection team today.

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