Janitorial, Security,

Concierge & Building Maintenance

Planned Companies provides industry leading janitorial, security, concierge/front desk & building maintenance throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, San Francisco, Georgia & the Carolinas


  • Commercial Janitorial Services
  • Multi-Family Cleaning
  • Educational Janitorial

Security Guards

  • Commercial Security Guards
  • Fire Watch
  • Special Event Security


  • Front Desk Services
  • Doorman Service
  • Concierge Personnel


  • Superintendents
  • Handy-Porters
  • Building Engineers

What our Clients are Saying

Bryan Hughes
Bryan Hughes
Seth Cohen
Seth Cohen
Neil Kurtz
Neil Kurtz

Janitorial Services Company

We opened our doors in 1898 and over those 120 years we have cleaned millions of square feet of office space, multi-family buildings and educational facilities.

Planned provides cleaning services for commercial buildings, multi-family, university and industrial buildings.  Working with Planned ensures that a day  is never skipped, a problem never addressed or a mess never cleaned. 

Our commercial janitorial service is delivered with our industry leading building cleaning process designed to make our people more efficient and often faster than other companies.

We supply our team with green, eco-friendly products that are gentler to the environment as well as to the air your tenants breathe.

Our I-PLAN hiring methodology focuses on associates with the right attitude and capacity to learn the skills that Planned Companies people are known for.