Planned Front Desk Portal: Package Handling & Visitor Management

Planned Tech to address the important
needs of your building

Package Handling

Planned’s package handling follows packages from the time they arrive at the door, until they are delivered and signed for by the intended recipient – eliminating lost packages and wasted time searching for packages.

Package Handling Features
  • Package Receipt
  • Import recipients and locations on-demand
  • Package Delivery
  • Multiple packages delivery processing
  • Dashboard delivery KPI metrics/reports
  • Fully managed backups
  • Real-time Outbound Notifications (SMS, email, robo-call) with multiple languages available
  • Microsoft Windows 10 support
  • SMS/Email/Robocall notifications customizable
  • Designed to work with handheld barcode scanners and signature pads
  • Dedicated outbound phone number to building
  • Extensive search, sorting and filtering functionality (ie. lookups by carrier tracking #, package type, recipients and more)
  • Electronic signature capture POD (date & time for receipt and delivery)

Your staff will spend 75% less time managing packages. The logging process is reduced to minutes
from seconds per package.

Automatic Notifications
and Reminders

As you log packages in, our system automatically sends out email, text message and/or phone notifications. If packages are not picked up, Package Tracker automatically sends out pickup reminders. The notifications can be fully customized to the building’s requirements and specific client’s needs.