The Planned Difference

Our Product is Our People

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At Planned Companies, we work hard to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them. With over 100 years of proven success and experience in our industry, we are able to deliver unparalleled consistency, accountability and quality. We understand your service needs and focus on what really matters. You can rest assured knowing that your property is in good hands with Planned Companies.

Staff Selection

Your property needs personnel that you can be proud of. At Planned Companies, our in-house team of recruiters screen only qualified professionals with experience in the janitorial, maintenance, and customer service arenas. Candidates also need to possess the requisite skill sets and interpersonal skills required for our industry, such as integrity, passion, and a positive attitude. Identified candidates then go through a national background check and drug screening to ensure only the most responsible and ethical individuals are selected.


It is a priority for us to know that your property is receiving the exceptional quality of service that it deserves. At Planned Companies, our top-notch employees are thoroughly screened, bonded, insured, trained and re-trained to ensure that they possess the knowledge and experience necessary to provide a superior level of service.

Our associates complete eight hours of in-house training at our state-of-the-art O.R.A.C.L.E. Training Center, as well as sixteen hours of on-site, on-the-job training. We believe in and invest in our employees, and it shows through their work.

Living Our Core

To ensure that our culture of accountability and caring resonates within your property, we have enacted the Planned Companies “Living Our Core” Recognition Program. This program provides opportunities to recognize, reward and motivate our valued associates who demonstrate integrity, teamwork, exceptional customer service, and never get complacent. Your property deserves a dedicated team of Operation and Regional Managers to implement professional work schedules, ensure safety requirements are met, monitor all site conditions and perform routine inspections. These services are part of Planned Companies’ standard offerings to ensure quality assurance. We also utilize an internal infrastructure that allows for open communication between all of our associates and their managers, ensuring that your building is taken care of at all times.

Integrity Passion Longevity Attitude Never Being Complacent

Planned Companies’
Core Values

  • Integrity

    Where your words and actions reflect sincerity and are grounded in honest and genuine effort.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Making someone’s day, exceeding expectations, delighting all you come in contact with.

  • Teamwork

    The ability to work efficiently as a team; everyone counts, everyone contributes. Together everyone achieves more.

  • Never Being Complacent

    Taking initiative, continuous improvement, new ideas and creativity are encouraged from every associate.

Support Team

Planned’s team is deep and well suited to satisfy all your requirements.

Planned’s Mission Statement

Our passion for delivering professional and accountable real estate service will enable Planned Companies to become an industry leader and enhance the quality of life for our valued clientele.

To enhance the quality of life for the tenants and residents, their families and guests, that we proudly and passionately service.

To become synonymous with best-in-class customer service and lead our industry in our real estate service verticals.

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our teams

  • Provides 24/7 oversight and supervision through our team of Operations Managers and Regional Executive Directors.
  • Implements professional work schedules, handles replacement coverage, conducts staff inspections, and provides client and employee support on site.
  • Industry leading professional training utilizing our state-of-the-art ORACLE Training Center to empower our associates.
  • Ongoing training for continued associate skill development and career growth.
Hiring + HR
  • Selects professional candidates with interpersonal skills required for the industry (I-PLAN Hiring Methodology).
  • Coordinates benefits for employees, while also recognizing and motivating them for exceptional service.
  • Provides proprietary technology solutions, designed in-house, to enhance our core service offerings.
  • Technology solutions include package and visitor management, activity and incident reporting, round tracking, and enterprise SMS.
  • Ensures that any billing questions are handled promptly by our designated Account Managers.
  • Manages and prepares financial statements, processes and generates invoices, and manages payroll with the HR department.
Business Development
  • Primary point of contact for any questions or changes during the proposal process.
  • Educates clients on how to improve and implement services based on their unique needs.