Protect your Property in the Fall

While you many have been keeping up with security during the summer, it’s always important to keep your security awareness high as your transition into the Fall. Just because the warm weather may start to fade doesn’t mean that theft and vandalism go away. Here are a few tips that can help protect your property in the Fall.

Motion Lights

Motion detection lights are one of the best, cost efficient way to keep theft and vandalism from happening. Simply lighting up walkways and lobby entrances can be very effective in deterring thieves as they usually look for dark areas to break into. Also, be sure to check the light bulbs in and around your property. It’s always good to add fresh light bulbs going into the Fall. This also goes for batteries if your outdoor lights are battery operated.

Educate your Tenants

Reach out to your tenants and guests to raise security awareness around your building. Remind everyone to lock their doors and windows at night and during the day when they are out. Sending a friendly email or posting on your community social media page can be great way to communicate these tips to everyone.

Who’s Who?

Another great way to protect your property and tenants is to make sure that all your building staff is identifiable. Seeing someone with a staffing name tag or outfit makes it clear that they belong there. This can help put your tenants’ minds at ease as they enter or exit your building. Whether they are in-house our outsourced staff, be sure that everyone is identifiable while on duty.

When it comes to taking necessary precautions in protecting your building, be sure to cover all the details. From double checking your light bulbs, to communicating properly with your tenants, it’s important to stay on top of everything. Remember, you can never be too safe!