‘Living Our Core’ Awards!

‘Living Our Core’ Awards! (LOC)

Planned is always looking to recognize and reward those who show the Integrity, Teamwork, Exceptional Customer Service and Never Being Complacent. These are the four Core Values that lay the foundation of what we believe in and strive to deliver with each and every individual we work with. Here are a few LOC Award winners from last month:


Christian: Integrity

Christian is the core of the concierge team at 66 Rockwell.  He consistently steps to the plate to ensure all aspects of operations are functioning optimally.


Ali: Customer Service

Ali is the primary rock of the entire doormen team at 184 Kent.  He is consistently on post and always accommodates customers with the utmost level of service expectations.


Lelanita: Teamwork

Lelanita is the pinnacle of operations in the security detail at 184 Kent.  She consistently steps to the plate to assist all vendors, contractors, customers, associates, and the front desk with any required assistance.


Toney: Integrity

Toney is the lead concierge at 500 4th Avenue, and all associates and residents look to Toney to hold the fort down.  Without Toney’s contribution to this role, the customers at this site would not be as appreciative as they currently are.

Congrats to all of our ‘Living Our Core’ recipients. We’re proud to have a team of committed individuals who are always raising the bar!