Planned’s Technology Portfolio

Insightful products that help our clients better manage staff, visitors and more. 

Planned Companies’ technology arm features innovative products designed to help our team be more productive, our managers more effective and our clients more and better informed.

Planned Technology

Daily Activity Report & Incident Reporting 

The DAR is designed to track typical routine duties.  Incident Reporting is for non-typical reporting of incidents on your property. 

(the DAR is included with every contract at no additional charge)

Associate Wellness Verifier

Designed by Planned to provide our clients and associates with peace of mind that the team coming to work is healthy and ready to provide the highest level of service.

(Associated Wellness Verifier is included with every contract at no additional charge)

Facial Recognition Associate Clock-In/Out

State-of-the-art system that requires our associates to check-in and out for their shift via photographic recognition from an iPad mounted to the guard or front-desk station.

(Facial Recognition is available for larger sites)

Optional Technology Add-Ons

Planned Tour

Provides accountability that your Security and Janitorial staff have completed their appointed rounds while delivering useful incident and management reports.  

Planned Disinfect

Delivers a timestamp of the last disinfection instance of each zone of your building, on-demand, via QR Code scan. 

Front Desk Portal: Package Handling & Visitor Management

  • Package Handling tracks package receipt and delivery.
  • Alerts resident when packages have arrived via text, email or robocall.
  • Visitor Management Tracks visitors and contractors arriving in a building.
  • Maintains a log of all visitors arrivals and departures.

Resident/Tenant Alert

  • Broadcast alerting system – Email, Text (SMS) or Robocall.
  • Alerts residents/tenants of building events.