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Front Desk Service

for Multi-family, HOA and Commercial Buildings

Planned Companies Concierge Services Include

Planned Lifestyle Services offers concierge, front desk and doorman services to residential and corporate clients.  Since we opened our doors nearly 120 years ago in 1898, we have established ourselves as a company where reliability, accountability and service are our top priority.

Indifferent front desk staff, missing packages, mismanaged visitor announcements all damage your building’s reputation and make a building manager’s job much more difficult.

A finely tuned front desk can improve your tenant satisfaction, reduce costs and make a property manager’s day to day far more enjoyable.

  • Concierge Personnel
  • Front Desk Associates
  • Doorman Services
  • Lobby Attendants
  • Package Tracking & Assistance
  • Personalized Services
  • Online Management Tools
  • Reception Coverage
  • Visitor Management Services

Doorman Services


A building’s concierge is effectively your “Director of First Impressions” meaning that they are the first person to welcome your tenants’ home after a long day, they’re the building’s “designated greeter” and the person left to manage the “front door” (mail, packages, repair people) during the day.

We maintain a staff of motivated, knowledgeable and professional Lifestyle associates that provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind experience.  All of our concierge, front desk and doorman associates are carefully screened and selected only if they possess the qualities required to successfully serve your business. Every associate is insured, bonded and neatly uniformed to represent your building, business or residential complex in the best light possible.

All of Planned’s associates undergo continuous training and analysis to ensure they perform at the highest levels, providing our clients with first-rate concierge service.

Your Planned Lifestyle Services concierge is effectively your ambassador to your building community.  Their friendly demeanor is an asset to help engage with your tenants and their guests who can also act as your “eyes & ears” to what’s going on in your building.

Our Front Desk associates are selected based on their willingness to pitch in and help keep the lobby running smoothly whether managing guests, packages, service people or even manage the rare emergency.   Most of our doorman associates have worked in the hospitality industry so interacting in a friendly manner is second nature.

Planned Lifestyle’s SOP includes such items as:

  1. Job requirements & responsibilities
  2. Attendance guidelines
  3. The A-B-Cs of Service
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Telephone etiquette
  6. Food deliveries
  7. Announcing and managing guests
  8. Package and mail handling
  9. Appearance & dress code policies
  10. Move in / Move out procedures
  11. Conduct (punctuality, substance use, language, etc…)
  12. Emergencies
  13. Fire procedures
  14. First Aid
  15. Power Outages
  16. Maintenance and repair issues
  17. Report writing
  18. Theft & police notification procedures

Key Benefits Of Planned Companies’ Concierge Service:

  1. COST SAVINGS Concierge (Front Desk Associate, Doorman) services are often not taxable unlike a using a Security Guard in a similar role. Tax status varies state to state but in many cases the difference in taxability could result in a significant annual savings.
  2. People Skills; many of our Front Desk associates come out of the hotel, hospitality industry and are experienced in dealing with the public in a cordial, friendly manner. Helpfulness is a key quality that our concierge associates possess.  These superior people skills help to create a lasting good impression of your building to your tenants and their visitors.
  3. Appearance; each of our Concierges are attired in a well-fitting 3-piece suit along with a nametag.   Planned’s appearance guidelines dictate that uniforms are always clean and pressed, that associates have reasonable limits on things such as hair length and style, jewelery, hygiene, etc…  Having standards in place helps building managers reduce stress and worry should a temporary or a replacement associate have to step in.   Our uniform and grooming standards also help promote the impression of a professional atmosphere and minimizes certain negative feelings that may be associated with a uniformed security guard.
  4. Administrative: our front desk people are skilled at phone skills, reporting, calendaring, managing visitor & contact lists,  filing, and mail handling
  5. Computer Skills; many of our team come from the hospitality industry, most have excellent computer skills enabling them to leverage email, Microsoft Word & Excel, and other technology to better serve tenants and to report to management.
  6. Training; all associates must complete our rigorous Concierge Training Program. Unlike other firms, this training is conducted face to face, and not from a video program viewed on a laptop.  This program may seem a little “old school” but the benefits include being able to confirm that the associate is understating the training and it gives them the ability to ask questions of their instructors and their peers.
  7. Hiring: Planned Companies utilizes the I-PLAN hiring methodology. I-PLAN was developed in-house and serves as a five point test for each new employee, do they have integrity? (the “I” ), passion for their work? (P),  do we believe they’ll stay with us for a while? (“L”ongevity), How’s their “A”ttitude? and finally do they posess the trait to “N”ever be complacent?
  8. Management: All Planned associates comes with a professional management team in place to handle on the job management, make sure training is up to date, handle concerns about our associates from our clients, take care of payroll/benefits, conduct employee reviews and to ensure that the post is always covered in case your regular concierge is out sick.  Our managers are always available to our clients to discuss any concerns or handle any changes that may come up.
  9. SOP: Standard Operating Procedure. Planned Lifestyle Services has invested significant effort and resources in developing a Front Desk Standard Operating Procedure.

Front Desk Technology

Planned Lifestyle Services employs and has developed technology to help their associates better perform their duties.  


Guest Management System

Our Guest Management System was created to better track visitor and tenant access.  Visitor’s photos are recorded and logged to track arrival and departure times.  The Guest Management System will also notify a tenant via email that their visitor has arrived.  An image of that visitor will be attached to that email to help the tenant identify their visitor on sight.

This service is also used to send a picture of a repair person or a dog walker who may come by your tenants’ home while they’re away.  The system takes a quick pic and verify access quickly.


Package Tracking System

Planned’s Building Link technology was designed to make sure tenants receive their packages promptly and correctly.  Our system will scan a package upon arrival then automatically email the recipient that it has arrived and is waiting to be retrieved.

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