It’s Military Appreciation Month for all of May! Planned Companies would like to recognize and thank all who served & continue to serve including all of our veteran associates.

History Behind the Month

You might be wondering why May was set to be the official Military Appreciation Day. In 1999, Congress made this official to ensure that the nation was given the chance to publicly show their appreciation for all troops, both past and present. We also celebrate several military anniversaries such as Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Armed Forces Day as well as Memorial Day at the end of the month. The military achievements that happened during this month is another reason why May was chosen. These achievements include our Victory in Europe Day in 1945, Loyalty Day in 1921 and the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden.

America is reminded by the president each year on the importance of our U.S. Armed Forces, and what sacrifices were made through history to build America to what it is today. At Planned Companies, we’d like to take this time to thank all who gave their all and who continue to serve for our country. We encourage everyone to also take time to recognize those around you who may have served or are currently serving for our great country.