LOC of the Month – Life Saved at 3 Garret Mountain Plaza

Yency Canepa – Exceptional Customer Service

We had a medical call to one of our tenant employees at 3 Garret Mountain, where security guard Yency Canepa, who was first on scene, treated the tenant until EMS and police responded. Yency responded immediately and took control of the situation in a calm and professional manner.  His demeanor was incredible, and his communication was spot on.

We would be remiss if we did not advise you of the key role that Yency played in making sure that the Police and EMTs were promptly escorted up to the 3rd floor Ladies Room without delay and confusion. This was critical in getting our employee accessed and treated quickly.” – Susan Fischer, Senior Employee Relations Manager

Yency assisted someone who may have been having a heart attack. His actions and demeanor possibly saved a life. We’re happy to share that the injured individual is ok.

We have nominated Yency with our Living Our Core Award for Exceptional Customer Service. We’re proud to see our team members continuing to live their core values and enhancing the quality of life for the residents and tenants that we service.

Keep up the great work, Yency!