Lobby Safety During the Winter

So here we are in the middle of winter and the weather hasn’t been too bad… yet. Don’t let this odd weather trick you into thinking that spring is already here. As a property manager, it’s important to stay on your feet and be prepared for any snow storms and blizzards. One of the best ways to stay ahead of this frosty season is to properly maintain your lobby entrance. Here are a few ways on how you can you can continue to have a great looking lobby while keeping your residents safe as they walk through your building.

The Power of the Greeting Mat

Think about the first thing your residents walk on when they first enter your building. Although they can help dress up a room, these mats are for much more than just looks. Placing a well carpeted mat at the front can really help keep your entrance safe. From mud to slush, these bad boys can keep your floors dry and spotless. Slip-and-fall accidents happen way too often during the winter and something as simple as a solid greeting mat can be the difference in keeping your residents safe.

Janitorial & Concierge Team Efforts

Another great way to avoid anyone from getting hurt is to have a great janitorial and concierge staff that can keep an eye out for potential disasters, especially in those high traffic areas where most people walk through every day. Whether you outsource your staff from a service company like ours or hire from the inside, make sure your team is well aware of the weather and the guests as they walk through the building. It’s crucial to have someone monitor your floors for unseen wet spots and other slippery areas.

Outdoor Preparations

Consider where the issue actually starts. Look to answer many of your problems at the outdoor area of the entrance to your lobby. Prepare the front sidewalks and walkways by clearing away any snow and use rock salt to break up the ice. Keeping the outdoor area of your front entrance clean can prevent many issues from even entering your building.

There are many ways that you can keep your lobby looking clean and presentable while still having a plan for safety. From warm greetings from your concierge to dry floors thanks to your Janitorial staff, your residents will be both happy and safe all through this slippery season!

This article was written by Justin LaRocque (Marketing Communications Manager) for Planned Companies, the industry leaders in janitorial, maintenance, concierge/front desk, and security services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Catering to both residential and commercial properties, we proudly provide services throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and San Francisco. For more information about our services, please visit our website at www.plannedcompanies.com or call us at 888-706-8600.