Fall Prep for Property Managers

Now that football is in full gear and school is back in session, it’s clear that we are officially back to the fall season. When it comes to Property Management, there are a few items to address in preparation for what’s to come. Here’s a list of things to consider as we head into this time of year.

Routine Maintenance

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, keeping up with routine inspections throughout the building can save you time and money in a big way. Whether you’ve got an in-house team or you’re outsourcing services, have your equipment tested and reviewed throughout the season. Catch any issues while they are minor in the fall so that you don’t run into any major problems that may be harder to deal with in the winter.

Cleaning Up the Outdoors

If you’ve got trees on your property, look for any loose or hanging branches that look like they may eventually break or fall. Remove these branches immediately while the weather is still nice out. Next, have a plan for how you will maintain your lawn areas. While the leaves may only be start to change color now, it won’t be long before they start falling and covering your lawn and walkways. Have a plan of action on how you’re going to keep these areas neat.

Prepping Outdoor Amenities

If you’ve got an outdoor pool, now is the time to start cleaning up and preparing to close it down if you haven’t already. Be sure to take a close look at the cover to make sure that there are no holes or ripped areas before you use it. Our friends at American Pool suggest checking your pool covers as early as possible so that you can take advantage of any early buy discounts available. Another outdoor amenity to consider preparing for this time of year is a fire pit. Be sure to stock up on firewood and review any safety tips with your community before making it available.

As you already know, things can get hectic if you’re not ready for it. With proper prioritization and some smart planning ahead, this time of year can run smoothly. Don’t let your lack of season preparation fall out of whack!