Living All of Our Core Values!

We’d like to recognize two of our porters, Santos Guadalupe Ventura and Yesenia Umana, on the amazing work that they’ve been doing with one of our clients in DC. In doing so, they’ve also consistently displayed all four of our Planned Companies Core Values! Take a look at what our client had to say about Santos and Yesenia when writing to our Operations team:

“Good Afternoon Reuel, first let me say what a pleasure it was to meet with you and Freddys this morning.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and answering my questions regarding the upcoming renewal. I want to let you know what great workers you have to represent your company in Yesenia and Guadalupe.  I have broken down my observations of them in 4 categories: (comments apply to both women)


Both ladies are extremely honest and trustworthy.  Because of these traits I can leave my office door open, purse under the desk and lock box in the drawer and not once worried about its security. They come to me when they have made a mistake and will do whatever it takes to correct it.


These ladies clean all common areas of two buildings, several trash rooms, at least four common area rest rooms and do it all with a smile, professionalism and humility.  The result is extremely clean areas that smell wonderful!!


There is absolutely no complacency with these two dynamos; they continuously make suggestion on how my staff and I can improve.  As a matter of fact, both have been trying to teach me Spanish, so I can communicate with them better.  A person that is willing to share their knowledge is one of the best to be around, they are eager to learn from me as I am from them.

Going the extra mile:

I can’t say enough about these ladies; going the extra mile doesn’t even express what they truly do every day.  Yesinia will even start the coffee for me and the staff in morning, and she is not required to do that.  That speaks volumes to her feeling apart of the team, as she and Guadalupe are not just a part of the team they are Watson Place family!

If these ladies are an example of the staff, you have developed at Planned Building then you have been successful in fulfilling your company’s mission and vision.”

Marsha Owens, FMP

General Manager

3900 Watson Place Cooperative