Planned Cares: January Spotlight

This month’s Planned Cares Spotlight goes to Liz Napoletano, HR Business Partner & Employee Engagement Manager. Not only does Liz help organize the charity events for Planned, she also continues her efforts in her personal life as well. Her actions toward giving back to organizations and communities have not gone unnoticed.

Love your Melon

Liz currently buys Love Your Melon hats not just for herself but also as gifts for others as well. Love Your Melon is an apparel brand that gives a hat to children battling cancer in America. They are the organization that leads the fight against pediatric cancer. Learn more on how you can buy a hat and help support the cause by visiting

Care Package

Another act of giving back that Liz has shared involves helping her son’s friend by sending him a care package after he was recently deployed to Kuwait in December. This Care package included a box of puzzle books, toiletries like tooth paste and shampoo, and junk food such as potato chips chocolate and candy!


One of Liz’s friends who works at with her at MetLife Stadium had recently shared that his mother had gone through a terrible accident and broke her back. During the holidays, Liz made a lasagna for her friend and his mom and dad. This helped the family tremendously so that they didn’t need to travel anywhere to buy their meal. Liz also included sparkling apple cider, salad, a cookie tray and meat balls. The family was grateful for Liz’s efforts and kindness.

This goes to show that simply donating large amounts of money is not the only way one can support a cause and give back to their communities. There are lots of ways in which an individual can give. It’s not about the one-time donation fee or the single positive act of kindness. What really shows is a person’s consistent action toward giving and helping others. Way to go, Liz. Keep up the great work!