January LOCs of the Month

Every month, Planned recognizes and rewards associates who have gone above and beyond their duties and have displayed one of our core values while on the job. Our Core Values include Integrity, Teamwork, Exceptional Customer Service and Never Being Complacent.

Here are a few of our Living Our Core winners of the month!

Thomas Keane – Warren at York

Thomas has been rewarded for Never Being Complacent. He is always raising the bar and his positive energy is contagious! We appreciate your efforts and all that you’ve been doing for the Warren at York!

Pedro Herrera – The Shore at Newport

Ramon Monegro – The Shore at Newport

Here’s what Shpend Koleci, our Operations manager, shared about Pedro Herrera and Ramon Monegro, “The property manager saw the guys cleaning the sidewalk and he was pleased to see that the guys did such a great job cleaning the loading dock. He went out of his way to send a group email to our Operations team including Planned’s CEO, Rob Francis sharing the great team work that he noticed!”

Patrick Masone – Park Avenue in Florham Park

From our Concierge division, we’re please to recognize Patrick for also displaying our Core Values and Never Being Complacent! Patrick continuously shows up with an upbeat attitude which he displays with every greeting of each guest. We’re proud of Patrick and his over-the-top performance!

Charles McGovern – Headquarters Plaza

Charles shows amazing character on a daily basis. He takes tremendous pride in what he does and understands how important his job is. He also won an award from the Hyatt Hotel for his hospitality and great efforts!