In today’s world, it’s now easier than ever to communicate with others through digital avenues. You can get a clear message out to the world with a click of a button. When it comes to property management, staying in touch with your residents is paramount to running a smooth operation. With winter here and the weather keeping up with the relentless cold, the ability to communicate with your tenants and guests is crucial for their safety. Here are a few ways to connect with your residents on news and safety.


Not everyone pays close attention to the news, especially the weather. It’s important to go above and beyond in staying up-to-date first. Once you hear of something alarming like a hurricane or storm, share it with you residents. A simple email blast to everyone in the building can get the word out in a subtle way without bothering anyone.

Social Media

It’s clear that Social Media has become the main stream way to communicate. Create a Facebook page or private group for your residents to follow. Whenever you have an announcement to share, just add it to the page or group. Being engaging by adding images and videos to get your points across. If you’re not sure which Social Media platform is the best to use, reach out to your tenants via email and ask them which they prefer and if they comfortable being connected in this way. Perhaps Instagram or LinkedIn might be the better platform to cover.

Inform your Staff

Another way to spread the word about relevant news and updates is to let your front desk and concierge staff know ahead of time. Update your security guards and anyone else that you residents may be passing by on their way in and out of your building. This will also help provide a warm greeting and build an appreciation between your residents and staff members. It’s a win-win when your tenants are updated and also getting comfortable around your staff.

While we’re all inundated with news, it’s still essential to communicate with residents about important matters. Giving them a heads up about a snow storm or updating them about a broken pipe could make the difference between a happy resident and an angry one. No matter what outlet you choose, be sure to connect with your residents.