Joseph Vitorino

Joseph Vitorino is the Executive Director of Marketing & Growth Strategy for Planned Companies. Initially starting with Planned in 2017, Joe is a seasoned leader, having dedicated over seven years to advancing the company’s success in various pivotal roles.

Starting as a Proposal Specialist, he quickly demonstrated his keen insight and strategic acumen, leading to a rapid ascent through increasingly responsible positions such as Business Development Analyst, Director of Alliance Success, and Executive Director of Strategy. Having excelled in nearly all sales and marketing roles, Joe is uniquely positioned to lead the team by leveraging firsthand experience of the positions he oversees, combined with almost 10 years of industry experience, to provide mentorship and guidance toward their individual, shared team, and company goals.

In his current role as Executive Director of Marketing & Growth Strategy, Joe brings a deep understanding of the company’s operations and client needs, developed through years of internal growth and hands-on experience. He is renowned for his ability to align marketing strategies with business objectives, driving sustainable growth and enhancing the company’s branding and market position. His responsibilities include directing and overseeing all marketing campaigns and initiatives, sales enablement, strategic initiatives related to growth of the company such as strategic partnerships (The Alliance, BDA, & others), and sales/marketing integration of new acquisitions.

Joe’s innovative approaches to digital marketing and strategic initiatives ensure that Planned Companies remains at the forefront of service excellence. He continues to inspire his team, fostering a culture of innovation and commitment to excellence that propels the company forward.