Angela Alarcon

Angela is a seasoned business development professional with over 20 years of experience in driving strategic growth initiatives for Educational, Construction, Janitorial, and Real Estate companies. She is known for her keen ability to identify market opportunities, forge lucrative partnerships, and cultivate long-lasting client relationships. A firm believer in the power of networking, Angela has played a pivotal role in accelerating revenue and expanding market presence.

With a strong track record of success in sales, partnerships, mergers/acquisitions, Angela brings a wealth of expertise in crafting and executing innovative business development strategies tailored to meet organizational goals. Angela is adept at leveraging market insights, industry trends, and competitive analysis to develop actionable plans that drive sustainable growth.

Prior to joining Planned Companies, Angela held key leadership roles at prominent firms, where Angela spearheaded high-impact initiatives that propelled revenue growth and enhanced market competitiveness. Angela holds a Bachelors degree in International Business. As the Business Development Director at Planned Companies, Angela is committed to driving forward-thinking initiatives that foster innovation, create value for stakeholders, and position the organization for long-term success in a dynamic marketplace.