Stay Updated in the Property Management Industry

Today’s world moves faster and faster with all the new technology and developments that come out every day. As a property manager, it’s essential to always stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends and technology. Here are a few ways you can stay updated in the property management industry.

Organizations and Tradeshows

Planned Companies exhibits about 10 to 15 tradeshows a year. We’re also members of multiple organizations that focus solely on helping spread news and information as well as educate others on a monthly or even weekly basis. Consider a few local organizations near you and attend some of their networking events. Here you’ll find classes offered as well as make connections with others. This may help further educate you on specific news and technology that you may not have heard about otherwise.

Social Media Outlets

According to, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users for June 2017 which is a 17 percent increase year over year. Facebook is clearly a platform where you can research and find groups, both private and public, as well as educational pages that are constantly sharing and talking about the property management industry. Believe it or not, even sites like Twitter and Instagram are still very effective tools to gain knowledge on news, articles and other materials. Research trendy hashtags within their search engines and see what others are posting on those topics.

Word of mouth

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple phone call or email discussion to hear about new services and technology that can make your life easier as a property manager. While this may not always be the most time-efficient way to learn about new information, if you’ve got a great core of people to work with, this may be one of the most effective and accurate ways to stay in the loop. Another idea would be to schedule a meeting with certain connections you respect and trust. Take time to share new ideas or advice that you may have recently heard or read about. This form of brainstorming can have everyone gaining key points and news.

Don’t hesitate in exploring certain organizations and networking events. You’ll be surprise how easy information becomes once you’re surrounded by the right people. Be sure to keep up with the times. Use the free tools that we’ve listed above to help further your knowledge on new information on property management.