Protect Your Property During Vacation This Summer

The summer is one of the most well-known times for families to take their vacations. Unfortunately, it’s well known for burglars and vandalizers as well. Before you or your residents go away for the week, here are a few ways to protect your property.


Every year technology plays a larger role in property security. Cameras are now one of the biggest ways to capture the safety and protection of your property, both in-doors and outside. For outdoors, the exit locations would be top priority in setting up camera. You’ll always be able to know who walks in and out of your building. Next would be the parking areas. This will put your residents mind at ease as they walk back and forth from their car during the early morning and late night.

As for the in-door cameras, you’ll want to set them up in the main lobby area along with any other main exit doors. The next best place inside would be to place one behind the front desk. This will capture the faces of your visitors and will be able to help in cases of burglary.

Motion Lights

We’ve mentioned this in past blogs but can never stress it enough. Setting up motion lights around your property can prevent any shady trespassing or burglary from ever happening. Burglars are deterred from buildings that are properly lit throughout the night. We recommend motion lights over regular lights because of the energy and electricity that you will save. You can learn more about how to save money in our past blog here.

Security Guards

Whether you hire your own or outsource staffing elsewhere, having trained security guards is one of the best ways to ensure that your property stays protected while your residents are away on vacation. The size of your property will determine how many guards you will need, but it’s essential to start with the main areas of your property like the lobby entrance and parking garage. Remember, vandalism can happen at any time of the day so consider spreading out your security staff to cover a majority of the day if possible.

From new digital technology to professionally trained guards, there are plenty of ways that you can go about protecting your property during vacation this summer. Give your residents peace of mind while they’re away and consider a few of these security ideas. You can never be too safe!