Promote from Within | Clarissa Ungos


Clarissa Ungos - Planned CompaniesPlanned Companies is proud to share this month’s Promote from Within featuring Clarissa Ungos. With 4+ years of Planned experience, Clarissa went from Concierge to Operations Manager for our Philadelphia region. She demonstrates exceptional customer service while delivering a positive and meaningful impact to everyone. We’re grateful to have her on our team of ‘A’ players. Here are a few words of advice from Clarissa:

  1. What did you do in order to stand out and move up within the company? We’re in the hospitality business.  Customer service is what we do. I simply worked hard and loved the building I was in as a lead concierge.  We had a great team in place and treated each other like family.  Be genuine.
  2. What do you enjoy about Planned? I like that as a company, employees are appreciated whether they are given an LOC or invited to an A-Player Luncheon.  I also like that there is a chance to be promoted from within the company.
  3. What advice would you have for someone who is looking to advance at Planned? Be patient and work hard.  Be genuine.  We work in a business of clients and residents.  Love what you do.