Preventing Parking Lot Nightmares

During this time of year, one of the biggest concerns that you may have as a property manager is maintaining a clean and safe parking area for your residents and guests. Slip-and-fall accidents can happen quite often if you do not keep up on maintaining the area. Here are a few tips on preventing any parking lot nightmares!

Got Salt?

One of the most efficient ways to be prepared for icy parking areas is to have plenty of rock salt ready in advance. Any window of time in which you are not placing rock salt on the ground is time that you’re risking someone slipping and injuring themselves. You’ll find yourself adding rock salt throughout most of this season so make sure you’ve got plenty of it. Also, be sure to purchase the kind that will not ruin or damage your parking lot.

Here’s Your Sign

Sometimes keeping your residents safe and aware can be as simple as placing signs up everywhere. Set up warning signs throughout the parking lot, reminding people to be cautious as they walk or drive through the area. Another good way to let people know of the ice is to tell your concierge or front desk personnel and have them inform guests as they are leaving the building.

Ready for Action

Make sure that you have a service team ready to clean up the snow as soon as possible. Don’t let the snow stack high where cars will have a harder time driving and turning through it. Whether you’ve got staff with shovels or trucks with snowplows, have them on call and ready to clean up whatever bad weather mother nature throws at you.

Even if your parking lot is protected by a roof, it’s important to still be aware of this wintry weather as there are still ways that you can be effected. Vehicles can easily track snow and slush indoors which can lead to tracks of ice freezing up in certain areas. Don’t leave yourself open for disaster. Stay ahead of the season and be aware of all the possible weather scenarios.

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