Planned Employees Relax and Unwind with Annual Spa Day

Here at Planned, employees are always reminded that the hard work and dedication they put into their jobs each day is appreciated. We did not grow from a 400 employee organization to an 11-state 4,000 employee organization overnight. It took all of Planned’s core values (integrity, teamwork, exceptional customer service and never being complacent) to be where we are today. “Since WE all work hard, taking the time to unwind, relax and take a much needed breath, is time well spent.  Especially with our fellow team members,” says Rob Francis, CEO of Planned Companies.


One way Planned gives thanks back to their employees is through the annual Spa Day at their corporate offices. This year, Spa Day fell on August 1st and employees, new and tenured, were looking forward to the event.




“This will be my first Spa Day, and I am excited to see what the event is about as well as getting the time to relax and unwind,” said Vincent Ranieri, digital marketing manager with Planned since February 2019.  In all markets, Spa Day ran from 8:30AM to 12:30PM and consisted of manicures and chair massages.


Our VP of Human Resources, Catherine Bruno, emphasizes the much-needed break the event provides, “Spa Day is a favorite annual tradition at Planned Companies.  It’s a day dedicated to relaxation and fun with the team. It’s a much deserved break and we look forward to it each year!”