Planned Companies: When a Broken Knee is a Blessing in Disguise

They say everything happens for a reason. And for Nancy DiTore, a Concierge with Planned Companies in Clifton, NJ, this wisdom holds true.

Nancy took a misstep while at work in November 2018 and wound up with a broken kneecap, painful surgery and months of recovery and physical therapy. In her role as a concierge, she spends a lot of time on her feet, greeting residents and guests and accepting packages – sometimes up to 100 a day. Being able to walk and stand are essential requirements of her job.

While Nancy was recuperating from her accident, she committed to using her time away from work to make sure she was up-to-date on medical appointments such as her annual physical and mammogram.  Although Nancy has always tried to prioritize her healthcare, like many busy people, day-to-day life activities including work, family and household duties, consume a lot of time, and routine medical appointments can easily be overlooked in our busy lives.

She was able to complete her appointments shortly before her scheduled return to work in March. When doctors reviewed her mammogram results they saw something suspicious and ordered a biopsy. The biopsy revealed something that Nancy would have never imagined —  she had breast cancer. With a quick turnaround on March 20, Nancy underwent a lumpectomy, returning to work a little more than a week later.

While many people would consider her initial injury that put her off work to be bad luck, Nancy sees it differently. “That fall was a blessing. If I hadn’t been laid up I might not have found the time to take care of my medical needs. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that fall saved my life.”

Nancy is extremely appreciative for the support she received from her Planned family during what she describes as a difficult year emotionally. She’s especially grateful for Planned’s Human Resources team who encouraged her to apply for a FirstService Relief Fund grant to assist with some of her bills related to her cancer diagnosis.

“I couldn’t ask to work for a better company. Everyone was so wonderful to me and helped ensure I was treated by the very best doctors,” said Nancy. “My advice to anyone facing a hardship is to talk to your HR team, they care and are there to help you. It can be hard discussing personal issues with people you work with, but they are able to hook you up with resources to help, such as the FirstService Relief Fund.”

She added, “If you take away one thing from my story, ladies, remember this: Get your mammograms! Nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing and, with breast cancer, early detection is so important.”

We are grateful Nancy agreed to share her story with us and wish her all the best as she continues her cancer treatments.

If you are facing personal hardship we encourage you to consider the FirstService Relief Fund. And if you are able to donate, please consider doing so. Every dollar donated goes to help our people in need, and no amount is too small.