Planned Companies NJAA Social Media Marketing Workshop

Justin LaRocque of Planned Companies, and Danni Van Drew-Dick of DRPR Strategies, teamed up with NJAA on March 6 to host a social media marketing workshop at Planned’s headquarters. Property managers from around the tri-state area attended to learn from the marketing pros themselves about best practices and strategies when it comes to social media.

Hosting the event at Planned Companies’ new training facility, the O.R.A.C.L.E. — the duo reviewed the various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and talked through how to implement an effective content strategy, basic social media guidelines, while also teaching attendees how to utilize Facebook ads.

To recap, here are their top 10 social media tips to keep in mind:

  1. Outline a clear strategy for your targeted audience
  2. Post relevant content to your industry
  3. 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business
  4. Share posts regularly (daily/weekly)
  5. Utilize engaging images and infographics
  6. Leverage appropriate hashtags (#)
  7. Communicate and engage with your followers in a timely manner
  8. Pay attention to current events
  9. Don’t overdo it (i.e. share TOO much in a short period of time)
  10. Create more video