Marketing Your Rental Space

Marketing Your Rental Space

Last week we talked about ways to retain tenants within your community. While retention is paramount to successful properties, what if your property is having trouble finding new ones in the first place? Are Newspaper ads and street signs the most efficient way to get your rental space noticed? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are significantly better ways to market to your audience as a property manager. Let’s dive into a few key methods!

Social Media

There are a few ways to make Social Media work best for you. First, you could build a business page with basic contact information on it where people can contact you easily. Use the Facebook Ads feature to help promote your message specifically to those you want to reach. You can even choose specific age and location preferences so your Facebook ads reach specific target audiences.

Second, look into Facebook groups that focus on networking topics such as Rentals or open houses. Facebook’s Group features allow you to build a community based on property sales and other interests where you can share information such as price, location and description on what your space includes. People can then message you (the seller) to find out more if they are interested. They can also easily share the post if they think they know someone personally that may be interested in your space.

Major Listing Directories

Make sure that you consider directory websites like Craigslist, Trulia and Zillow. These platforms have already built a large following and receive lots of website visits every day. They provide exactly what you may need for getting your listing out to the right people. This is also another way to help build the SEO of your name, brand and site.

Word of Mouth

There is nothing greater than when a trusted friend or colleague recommends a new potential tenant for your space. Take time to reach out to these people and let them know that you’re looking to fill an empty rental area and see if they have anyone in mind. One or two small suggestions can go a long way!

With the internet and Social Media being at the forefront of everyone’s attention, it’s one of the best resources to be involved with when it comes to marketing your rental space. The best part about something like social media is that other than the ads, it’s free! Take a moment to start looking into creating a proper Facebook page which you can use as a business platform to reach more people and find your potential new tenants!