LOC of the Month: August’s Bravery

The summer is wrapping up but the Living Our Core winners keep on coming! This month, the LOC Award goes to Rasheeda Peebles.

Here’s what her Operations Manager, Stephen Simpkins had to share:

“Earlier this summer, while Rasheeda was on duty at 125 S. 9th St., there was an explosion in the sub-basement that caused the building to lose power.  As Rasheeda was attempting to call the on-duty maintenance employee via handheld radio for assistance, he (the maintenance employee) entered the main lobby of the building with his clothes and skin on fire from the explosion.  Rasheeda, with the help of a building tenant, extinguished the fire, rendered first aid and called the ambulance.  Once the EMTs arrived, Rasheeda assisted with the building evacuation.  Her actions were in keeping with the highest standards of Planned Security Services and Planned Companies.”

We’re proud to have Rasheeda on our team. Her bravery, quick thinking skills and ability to work under pressure has raised the bar for exceptional customer service!