Get Your Property in Shape for Summer

Shaping up for summer doesn’t just refer to personal fitness; prepping your property is equally as important. Get your property in shape for summer by checking out this workout to strengthen and tone your outdoor assets this season:

Pump Up Your Patio

Summertime is prime time for your patio. Crunch the outdoor core of your property by restoring it to its best shape. Fix broken or cracked tiles, remove those unwelcomed weeds, and prevent potential tripping hazards by taping down or tucking electrical cords and hoses against your building’s perimeter. Refinish or stain wooden decks and fences for a simple way to make them look brand new again. Additionally, ensure that all lighting fixtures are lit and replace bulbs as necessary so that your residents can socialize outside long after sunset.

Workout Your Windows

Your windows play a huge part in ensuring your residents are kept cool and content all summer long. Check all edges of your windows and doors for crevices that could allow the cold air out (and hot air in). These cracks could also allow pests seeking shelter easy access to your building, so ensure they’re sealed completely. To keep both your costs and temperature down indoors, invest in window coverings such as curtains, shades or blinds. Lastly, give your windows routine cleanings to make them sparkle, showing off your hard-earned results.

Warm Up Your Grills

Your residents are probably chomping at the bit (or in this case, bone) for their first BBQ of the season. Make sure your grills are good to go by cleaning the exteriors, scrubbing the grates, and removing any debris that the cabinets may have housed over the colder months. Additionally, ensure that they’re working properly before opening them to resident use and placed a proper distance away from trees, bushes, and buildings to prevent grill fires.

Lift Your Landscape

Your landscape is often the ‘face’ of your property and shines brightest in the warmer seasons, so now is the time to give it a full face-lift. Regularly remove litter and debris, which are most common in the summertime as a result of picnics, BBQs, and other outdoor activities. As you’re now likely in the clear from dipping temperatures and frost, exercise your green thumb by planting your garden and ensuring that your lawn is consistently watered, trimmed, and cared for.

Flaunt Fit Furniture

Your residents will rely on having furniture to relax in while enjoying the summer sunshine. Let them lounge in luxury by ensuring your furniture is in great condition. Check all legs of chairs and tables and address any issues, such as fractures, wobbles, and loose or missing screws. Touch up framework and surfaces with paint or polish as needed. Routinely wash dirt and grime off of seat or pillow covers. Your residents will love having an outdoor oasis to bask in!