The Top Seven Benefits of Outsourcing

Planned Companies provides industry-leading janitorial, maintenance, concierge, front desk and security services. Outsourcing these services to an organization like Planned brings the duel benefits of cost savings and enhanced service/value for your property. In addition, we’ve provided you with seven benefits of outsourcing these services:

  • Professional Recruitment and Screening Process

I-PLAN Hiring Methodology- We hire for Integrity, Passion, Longevity, Attitude and Never Being Complacent. National Background Checks- We take the stress of dealing with Background checks.

  • Training and Productivity

Initial & Ongoing Training– Our team is constantly learning and growing.

O.R.A.C.L.E. Professional- We have a dedicated training facility compromised of multiple work stations.

  • Reduced Risk and Liability

Associate Listening– Planned takes care of setting up Associate Licensing before they ever start the position. Adherence to OSHA/SORE Standards- we are aware of the safety laws that are involved with keeping our associates safe and we strive to be a “Safety-First” culture. In addition, we provide ongoing inspections to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Payroll & Insurance

Associate Insured/Bonded Trough Planned– We provide health insurance options that keep our associates and their families covered. We also provide our associates with easy access to their paystubs and other information which can easily be accessed through our online portal.

planned companies benefits of outsourcing


  • Elimination of Overtime

No overtime- With our Time and Attendance System- we’re able to keep work schedules organized and prevent overtime (unless approved for holidays/special work requests).

  • Oversight & Supervision

Dedicated Response Teams– We provide multiple contacts throughout the company so that no matter what happens, someone will always be available to assist you.

Automated Workflow/Inspection Report- The operations manager has the ability to conduct, complete and issue an onsite inspection report (via email) to the site’s property manager before leaving the actual location.


  • Green Initiatives & Resources

Green Cleaning & Sustainable Practices– By implementing new cleaning systems and establishing a knowledgeable team of LEED-accredited professionals, we continue to raise the bar and meet the growing needs of our environmentally-conscious client base.