The Attributes of a Great Security Guard

The Attributes of a Great Security Guard

Whether a security guard works at a large commercial building or a multi-family housing property, the job at hand is extremely important. He or she has the responsibility of protecting those that reside in that location.

If you are looking to hire someone for this position or perhaps you are considering becoming a security guard yourself – here are the top five attributes that are essential:


In a world full of cell phones and iPads, there can be lots of distractions in the world. A security guard needs to always be aware of their surroundings and not let these items distract them. It is necessary to stay focused and avoid distractions as much as possible. A great security guard is aware of everything from arriving packages to recognizing faces of the people walking in and out of the building.


Honesty and proclivity to do the right thing is vital to creating and maintaining trust within an organization. Having trustworthy security guards can also put your residents’ minds at ease.


He or she must effectively communicate with employees, management, residents, etc. Clear communication will allow the guard to handle a tricky situation successfully. Good verbal and written communication skills allows the individual to accurately document each incident of importance.

Team work

A great security guard is willing to work with others Not only is a security guard part of a team within a building, but he or she is part of the larger company itself and must be willing to work to represent the brand’s values.


Most importantly, a security guard needs to have a complete understanding of safety and security operations. These industry standards and practices are necessary for performing all tasks. An untrained guard is no better than having no guard at all.