Marcos Guerrero

Marcos Guerrero joined the Planned Companies team in May of 2004, where he started as an Operations Manager, formerly titled Account Executive and then Operations Manager for some time.

Marcos’s exceptional work in his role of Operations Manager enabled him to succeed, climbing the corporate ladder to Executive Director of Operations. Marcos now covers the New Jersey Gold coast, otherwise known as the Hudson Waterfront District, and soon will add uptown Manhattan and Connecticut to his regions as well.

He is responsible for managing a team of Operations Managers and overseeing multiple accounts. With a focus on client retention, Guerrero directly works with Planned’s corporate departments, such as human resources, sales, payroll, and purchasing to ensure a seamless site start up process for all of his accounts, while reporting directly to the Vice President of Operations. Additionally, he reviews budgets, holds monthly meetings and keeps his operations team accountable and dedicated to client satisfaction. Guerrero now has over 15 years of industry experience.

Prior to working for Planned, Marcos sold mortgages for Ameriquest. He was also involved in a family owned business for a few years before that. Ironically enough, Marcos also worked in the same cleaning company where Astrit Gorana started his career in this industry. First as a porter, truck driver, warehouse helper, warehouse manager and last field manager.