John Fahmy

John Fahmy is the Executive Vice President at Planned Companies. With a robust career spanning over a decade at Planned Companies, John has been a pivotal figure in shaping the company’s strategic direction and operational excellence.

Starting as an Executive Director in the Northeast, John’s profound understanding of the industry’s dynamics and his commitment to service excellence quickly propelled him through the ranks where he implemented innovative management strategies that significantly increased operational efficiency and client satisfaction. In his role as Vice President of Sales and Operations for the California region, John spearheaded major expansion initiatives that more than doubled the company’s market share in the area. His leadership was instrumental in forging strong client relationships and enhancing the company’s reputation for quality services.

Now, as Executive Vice President, John oversees the company’s overarching sales and marketing strategies, driving growth and setting new benchmarks in the sector. His dedication to excellence and his forward-thinking leadership continue to be key drivers of Planned Companies’ success.

He began his career while in college as a front desk agent at two of NYC’s top hotels. Later in his career, he was a regional sales manager for one of the largest AT&T resellers. Through this career opportunity, he gained many of the associate retention skills and multi-site management expertise that he has brought to Planned Companies.