Chantae Hergenroether

Chantae Hergenroether started her career in the hospitality industry in 2000 as a Manager and Managing Partner before pivoting her career into property management in 2008, starting within the industry as a leasing specialist. Having been in property management for the past 15 years, her most recent roles have been Senior Regional Property Manager and Due Diligence Manager for Veritas Investments, as well as Portfolio Manager for Mosser Companies and Senior Director for Prometheus Real Estate Group.

A seasoned industry veteran, Chantae has been nominated for Rookie Manager of the Year, once for T-Bird Restaurant Groups, and once for Sequoia Equities at the San Francisco Apartment Association Awards. She also had the honor of winning the “People” award for Veritas Investments, the “Growth” award, and the “Client Satisfaction” award for Prometheus Real Estate Group Master Conferences. In 2022, the San Francisco Apartment Association nominated her for Regional Manager of the Year.

Chantae hold degrees in Psychology, Math & Science, Behavioral Studies, and Humanities.