Planned Companies launches $500,000 relief fund for employees impacted by COVID-19

Planned Companies., announced Wednesday that its COVID-19 Immediate Response Program will aim to help its team with their immediate financial needs during the public health emergency. The program will allow current employees to apply for one-time, tax-free grants of up to $300 in support of themselves or their immediate family.

“The COVID-19 coronavirus emergency is unprecedented across the country and around the world, and has impacted businesses and their employees deeply and in ways that we could never have anticipated,” said Robert Francis, CEO and president of Planned Cos. “This program will provide our team members with direct financial assistance during this period by offering some relief to those with related financial distress.

“As an essential business, many of our employees are on the front lines of this pandemic, putting themselves at personal risk. We hope these funds offers recognition of their commitment, dedication and hard work while providing valuable support during these uncertain times.”

Planned has contributed $500,000 to the fund, which will be administered by the Emergency Assistance Foundation Inc. The firm said the application process is streamlined, allowing grants to be processed and paid quickly.

To be eligible for a COVID-19 grant, applicants must be an active Planned employee, working on average for at least 30 hours per week, and must be an active employee for at least six months prior to application, according to a news release. Employees on approved medical leave or an approved leave of absence for no more than one year are also eligible.

Planned, which operates in 11 states, provides janitorial, maintenance, concierge and front desk and security services to clients spanning more than 1,000 residential, corporate, commercial and retail properties. The COVID-19 Immediate Response Program is separate and in addition to its existing Employee Assistance and Recognition programs, which provide employee services, at no cost, to help promote well-being and enhance healthy living, stress management, mental health, diet and fitness, legal, financial and family matters.

“While we continue to be grateful for the dedication and commitment of our health care workers and first responders during the emergency, we also applaud our employees as some of the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 response,” Francis added. “We will continue to be thankful to our own team members that are ensuring our clients’ buildings are adequately staffed and that their tenants and businesses continue to receive our high level of quality service throughout the emergency.”


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