Clean Parks for National Clean Up Day

When the bell rings for environmental cleanup, Planned Companies answers the call. This year, our campaign centered around National Clean Up Day, September 21st 2019. With that day being a Saturday, the team decided to divide and conquer during the week, with clean up dates at local parks and beaches announced for September 26th and September 27th, respectively.  Planned team members from our New Jersey, New York, Mid-Atlantic, and South offices participated. Below you will find the recaps region by region:

New York: Miller Park, Staten Island, NY


Leading off our two-day clean up, was our NY office. Beautiful weather broke through the morning and our team went to work cleaning Millar Park in Staten Island. Between the local beach and park, many items such as tissues, paper/plastic products, glass and more were collected and put in trash bags.

In total, 30 bags are garbage were collected from the site.

We thank all the associates from our Brooklyn office that came out to participate and lead off our Clean Up week!

New Jersey: Pennington Park, Paterson, NJ

At 11am on Friday, September 27, Pennington Park played host to our second day of clean up. Armed with a scavenger hunt of items to find, the team went full speed ahead. Within two hours, all the items were checked off our list including but not limited to: bottle caps, soda cans, plastic utensils, cardboard boxes, juice boxes and plastic bags.

In total, 26 bags of garbage were collected from Pennington Park. We thank all the associated who participated from our NJ and Pa offices!

Mid-Atlantic & South: Kenilworth Park, Washington, DC & Jones Bridge, Peachtree Corners,

The last of our clean up activities took place at 12pm on Friday between our Mid-Atlantic and South regions. Associates from Alexandria, VA gathered at Kenilworth Park in Washington, DC. Prepped with a scavenger hunt as well, the team collected all of the items and pulled in over 20 bags of garbage, en route to our third successful clean up of the campaign.

In Georgia, VP of Sales and Operations, Juan Jose Chaves, single handedly cleaned portions of Jones Bridge Park, in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

We thank Juan and all the Mid-Atlantic associates for their hard work and dedication they provided to ensuring both parks are cleaner and safer today than they were yesterday.