LOC of the Month-June’s Never Being Complacent

Every month, Planned Companies recognizes and nominates associates who have gone above and beyond their duties and have displayed one of our core values while on the job. Our Core Values include Integrity, Teamwork, Exceptional Customer Service and Never Being Complacent. Of the individuals who are nominated, one is chosen at the end of every month as the winner of that month. They are recognized and rewarded through our Living Our Core Program. They receive a special LOC pin, thank you letter and an extra monetized gift.


June Winners:

This month, we are proud to share TWO winners of our Highlight LOC Program:


Daren Merrimon:


While on security detail at a location which experienced attempted breaking and entering, Daren was on patrol and noticed a suspicious individual on the property. Knowing the history of the property, he continued to watch the behavior and contacted the police. After watching the individual attempt to break into the property, he was able to stop the intruder and provide the information to the police.









Wildaris Hernandez:


While on a special detail for one of our properties, Wildaris was very observant and noticed a suspicious person on property. He maintained his professionalism and continued to ask the proper ID questions and did not allow the individual enter the property. He continued to monitor the individuals behavior and activity and followed him until he was able to stop the individual who was attempting to break into an apartment. If it was not for Wildaris’s persistence, the intruder would not have been apprehended.








A few words from our CEO:


“Thank you Daren and Wildaris for your professionalism and diligence in performing your needed and professional role. Your actions stopped a potential theft and impacted the safety and security of the property and those living in the complex. THANK YOU. Making a difference like this – working as a team, delivering on our service promise while never being complacent, has enhanced the quality of life for those we proudly and professionally service. I so appreciate your actions and am proud of this well-deserved recognition for you both. Keep making such a positive difference and have a great start to summer!”


Sincerely, Rob Francis