As a building owner or property manager, you are most likely growing more concerned with your tenants’ safety these days due to all of the reports relating to increased crime rates. Here are a few tips to help you improve your building safety:

  1. Install motion detector lights and Prowlers will be less likely to invade your property if they feel that they are being watched. Automatic lights also let them know that your building is tech savvy, making criminals think twice about lurking around.
  1. Keep your landscaping under control. You do not want to give thieves a hiding place. Overgrown and poorly kept greenery often indicate that a property is not well maintained. A seasoned criminal will automatically pick up on these cues, so don’t give them any reason to invade your
  1. Add a dedicated security guard to your valued The physical presence of a security guard will deter most thieves. Security guards can monitor gates and fences, provide perimeter mobile and foot patrol, and a well-trained guard can even be placed behind the front desk of your building to monitor all visitors.
  1. Maintain your property and ensure that your lights are in good working Parking lots can be a target at night, and vehicles are often subject to “smash and grabs”. A smash and grab is a particular form of burglary that involves: the smashing of a vehicles window, the theft of personal items, and then making a quick getaway. An illumined parking lot can deter some criminals but having your lot patrolled is probably your best option.
  1. Educate your staff and residents on security measures and protocols. Properly educated staff members and residents should keep their keys in a secure location at all times, and they should not lend their keys to strangers. Residents should also be encouraged to report any suspicious activity that they witness in or around the building. Lastly, make sure that your residents do not allow people to follow them into the building unless the individual is a fellow tenant or staff

Every building should be equipped with proper safety measures. You should make sure that proper protocols are in place in the event of an emergency. Planned Companies can provide a variety of security services and can also make appropriate recommendations that are tailored to your unique building’s needs. In the event of an immediate emergency you should always dial 911.