While the weather has recently been a roller coaster ride, don’t think winter is over yet. As a property manager, it’s always good to think ahead and have a few backup winter solutions for your residents. We have all had those days where we’ve been caught off guard with the weather. Here are a few alternatives for winter preparation that you can share with your residents and communities.

Break up the Ice

Whether it snows or not, you can always expect some form of ice to develop during the winter. This is the time of year where stairs and walkways can become a serious hazard if they’re not taking care of properly. It turns out that most cat litter can be used as a substitute for rock salt. If you ever find yourself in need of salt but you’re snowed in from the bad weather, turn to your cat’s litter (if you’re lucky enough to own a cat)!

Preventing Icy Windows

Worried about your windshield wiper freezing up over night? Here’s a DIY solution for de-icing your window. Simply put together a spray bottle that is made up of 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water. Applying this each night before you wrap up for the evening can help prevent ice from forming on your windshield. You can also apply this to other glass surfaces if needed.

Other Reminders

Whether you’re relying on a snow blower or a shovel, make sure you store them in a dry place the day before the snow hits the ground. While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, we’ve all been there when the person who “used it last” didn’t put things back where they belong. Plus, it can’t hurt to double check. The next time the news reports high levels of snow, take a moment to make sure your tools are actually ready for it!

While some of these solutions may take some work to put together, it should get the job done. Nothing is worse than being completely snowed in with no materials to get yourself out of the jam. Hopefully you’ll never run into a slippery situation but in case you do, now you know a few alternatives for winter preparation.