Affordable Amenities That Amp Up Your Outdoor Space

Are you fully taking advantage of your outdoor potential when it comes to amenities? You don’t need to spend a lot of money or have a lot of space to offer outdoor luxuries to your tenants. If you have any of the following common areas, you already have a solid foundation to treat your residents to a whole new level of fun this summer:

Liven Up Your Lawn

If you have even 100 square feet of a grassy area, you can create an outdoor oasis for your residents. Consider transforming your unused lawn space into one or some of the following:

  • Game Area: Invest in some outdoor games such as badminton, cornhole, ladderball, or croquet for your tenants to set-up and play. Equip your concierge with a sign-out sheet so that the games are accounted for at all times.
  • Dog Park: If your building is pet-friendly, adding a dog park right on the premises will be a huge convenience to both your tenants and their four-legged friends. Simply gate off a section of your lawn and add a few benches for residents to relax while their pups play!
  • Community Garden: Grant your tenants the ability to let their green thumbs loose. Pick up some basic crates, fill them with soil and arrange them into rows. Encourage residents to sign up for a personal garden box, where they can plant their own flowers, herbs, or vegetables.
  • Landscaping: Plant a few willow trees surrounded by some flowers, and add a patio set beneath each one. Your residents will love having a quiet place to retreat to read, have conversation, or just relax after a long day.
  • Yoga Class: Hiring a yoga instructor to lead a daily or weekly outdoor class is a great way to add an affordable amenity to your property. If your residents are responsible for bringing their own mats, your only investment will be for the teacher’s time.

Play Up Your Patio

If you have a patio and/or roofdeck that’s been underutilized by your tenants, attract them with these simple but awesome amenities:

  • Grills: Cater to the cooks of your building by getting some grills for the patio. Your residents will love having some additional dinner options available to them!
  • Firepit: If zoning allows, consider a small, standalone firepit outside, circled by some cozy chairs. This will be a great place for tenants to warm up and chat on those cool, summer nights.
  • Outdoor Living Room: Invest in a few patio sets that include ample seating and tabletops for convenience. This will be a great place for your residents to mingle and create community.
  • Luxury Lounging: Regardless of whether or not you have a pool, you can still create a relaxing area for your residents to soak up some sun. Set up a row of lounge chairs, each equipped with an end table for easy access for the user’s personal belongings.

Capitalize On Your Concrete

Your parking lot’s potential is far greater than for just collecting cars. Have your tenants hit the pavement with these concrete-based conveniences:

  • Walking Track: Create a walking track around the outside of your parking lot or property, featuring markers to measure distance traveled. Your health-conscious residents will appreciate having a way to get some fresh air and exercise without even leaving home.
  • Car Wash Station: Dedicate a corner of your parking lot to getting your residents’ cars squeaky clean. Set up a stationary hose and allow your residents to check out a car-wash kit that includes a hand-held vacuum, buckets, sponges, and soap. Car enthusiasts will especially appreciate your thoughtful accommodations!
  • Bike Rack: Set up a bike rack for your cyclers. Providing a secure option to store their bicycles on the premises will free up valuable room within their apartment or condo.

In order to ensure that these amenities remain an asset to your property, you’ll need to maintain them properly. Having maintenance or janitorial staff in place to sweep common areas, vacuum and/or clean furniture, and touch-up paint to keep your amenities looking new will be imperative in keeping them desirable to your residents.

Do you have any personal tips to share when it comes to affordable outdoor amenities for residential properties? Please comment below; we encourage and value your opinion!

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