What Is a Trash Valet Service?

A valet trash service is a nightly trash pickup for residents in close-quarters communities, such as apartment, outdoor-style condominiums, or townhouse communities.

These residents often have to trek to trash chutes, across the parking lot or off-property to dispose of their trash. If trash is not properly disposed of, the apartment can begin to smell, lowering the appeal for new move-ins.

With valet trash collection, your residents can enjoy the convenience of someone else collecting their trash, improving community satisfaction, and improving home value with proper waste collection and management.

Nightly Service

With Planned Companies, our trash collection team can provide nightly service, ensuring that residents don’t go without collection.

This reduces the waste build-up in and around the space as well as reducing any smell, which is common if the trash is left unattended for several days.

Waste Collection

Our team is trained in proper waste collection and handling, allowing us to dispose of residential trash and recycling in a safe and effective manner. This improves the overall efficiency of building maintenance and minimized spills or leaks.

Proper waste collection is an important part of managing city resources as well, as recycling and trash cannot be mixed, and only certain items should go into these receptacles.

Valet Trash and Recycling Pickup

Does your community need a trash collection service for recyclable goods as well? Our team will pick up trash and recycling separately to ensure that recycling is delivered to the appropriate receptacles

At Planned Companies, we dispose of all trash responsibly, ensuring a cleaner and healthier community not just in the apartment complex, but in the city community at large.

Torn Bag Cleanup

A bag tear can mean food and other waste products strewn across the resident walkways, resulting in offensive stains and pervasive smells. Your residents shouldn’t have to deal with these spills, and neither should your property managers.

Leave it to the waste collection professionals at Planned Companies. In the event of a bag tear during waste collection services, our team will provide prompt and efficient cleanup to ensure that the housing is kept in pristine conditions.

Creating a New Standard of Garbage Management for Residential Living

With Planned Companies, your community will become cleaner and more appealing to residents with convenient trash pickup right at their door. Together, we can create a new standard of residential living.

Frequent pickup times means that no household has to deal with overflowing bins, and staff can relax knowing waste is handled correctly.

Benefits of a Trash Valet Service in Your Apartment Community

Valet trash services may seem like a luxury for many residents, but it can benefit owners as well.

Overall community satisfaction and proper waste management is an important part of facilitating a healthy, high-profit community.

More Efficient Maintenance

Your staff should be able to focus on maintenance problems that need immediate attention, not simple waste collection and litter removal from every doorstep.
With a valet waste removal from Planned Companies, you can enjoy more efficient maintenance.

Your residents will be happier, profits are more likely to increase, and with conveniences of valet trash the space is kept cleaner with a more streamlined maintenance workload.

Increase Community Value

Doorstep trash collection with us provides the modern convenience of disposing of trash even faster. Residents simply set their trash bins outside at night, and bring the empty bins in in the morning, allowing them to enjoy their evening and get to work on time, all with no hassle over waste disposal. Overall, valet trash benefits the property owner.

Reduce Burden on Staff

When residents leave trash out or litter walkways, it’s up to the apartment complex leasing or housekeeping staff to pick it up and maintain the grounds.
Fortunately, with valet trash with Planned Companies, this issue resolves itself as residents have the convenience of simply putting trash out on their doorstep for nightly collection.

Cleaner Property with Less Trash

Will a cleaner property with valet trash increase the appeal for new residents moving in? Absolutely!

Many apartment complexes tend to build a stale, offensive garbage smell over time as trash is improperly bagged and handled when residents handle their own waste disposal.

With Planned Companies’ trash valets, you can enjoy a cleaner space with less trash and a much more appealing living environment.

How Much Does a Valet Trash Collection Service Cost?

Trash valet services are typically billed by the number of units, not by building or property size. This makes the cost more manageable.

Planned Companies Trash Valet Service

At Planned Companies, our trash collection team is trained to handle all waste responsibly. Our team is always on-time and never missed a collection day, helping keep your residents happy and your building clean and fresh with valet waste disposal.

Whether your community is within a commercial setting or residential condominiums, townhouses, or multi-family housing, your residents and staff can benefit from Planned Companies’ valet, providing an essential waste collection service to all.

Tips for Preparing Trash and Recycling

Depending on your communities’ guide lines, specific allowed items for garbage and recycling may vary.

All bags must be securely tied without overflow or tearing. Any bags containing heavy or bulky items must be double-bagged to prevent tearing and spilling.

Additionally, leaking bags should be drained before placing them on the doorstep to minimize cleanup and smell.

In recycling bags, only place recyclable items in the containers.

No loose items outside of bags or furniture is allowed or the trash service cost may increase to reflect the collection fee, as valet trash companies aren’t equipped to collect loose items in most cases.

Doorstep Trash and Recycling Pickup

Improve the quality of your residential communities with Planned Companies’ valet, available in every state across the US.

Our team provides prompt and attentive valet trash collection and removal, picking up residents’ trash on a nightly basis right from their doorstep.

This not only ensures that your property is kept clean and resident satisfaction stays high, but your leasing or housekeeping staff doesn’t have to handle the dirty job.

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