The Planned Porter & Conceirge team at 1200 Ave in New Jersey came to the rescue of one of their tenants by finding a wedding ring that was accindentally thrown in the trash.

Michael Nacchio was having a regular evening at his apartment by doing normal chores and cleaning out the garbage. The next morning, as Nacchio got ready for work he realized that his wedding ring was not on his finger. He scanned the apartment up and down and realized that he must have thrown it in the trash last night. The only problem was, the garbage was expected to be taken out by the truck that morning.

He rantically ran down to his front desk and explained the situation to Planned’s Concierge, AJ Faeth. AJ quickly took action by contacting the building’s porter, Luis Giraldo, and the two worked together to quickly sift through the building’s trash to find the ring before the garbage truck came. After much digging, the two were able to find the ring and save the day for Michael.

Michael couldn’t be more grateful of the effort AJ and Luis made to make sure his ring was found, and we applud them both for their hard work.

AJ and Luis set an example of what it means to have the Planned difference. They displayed our core values of Never Being Complacent and Exceptional Customer Service by doing whatever it takes to improve the life of our tenants and residents.

What the two also showed was the power of having multiple services working in your building. With AJ and Luis being under the Planned umbrella, they were able to contact each other and work as a team to achieve a common goal together. The familiarity of having Planned associates working multiple services is what allowed them to get in contact with one another and find a fast solution.

We are so proud of this team and thank them for their dedication to service!