Planned Companies Expands Operations to Florida


Planned Companies is expanding its operation to the southeastern Florida market.  Over the past decade, Parsippany, New Jersey based Planned has seen expansion to Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, northern Virginia, Washington DC and the Atlanta metro markets delivering quality building services for over 120 years.

“Planned has been interested in expanding into Florida for years.  With the diverse types of properties from retail spaces, senior living communities, and multifamily buildings, we knew there was a need for our services.  Additionally, the large numbers of people relocating to Florida has been undeniable guiding us in our decision to expand into Florida” said Planned Companies CEO Rob Francis.


Services Offered

Planned Companies will be offering the southern Florida residential & commercial property management community 4 key services:

  1. Janitorial: Helping to keep your building common areas clean and presentable, we offer disinfection services, electrostatic spraying, 24/7 emergency response as well as post construction cleanup and floor & carpet cleaning programs.


  1. Concierge/Front Desk: Planned offers “New York Style” concierge service to the south Florida market. Every front desk associate is neatly uniformed and well trained to care for your resident’s needs.  Many of our concierge staff come from the hospitality industry so professional customer service is second nature.   Our associates provide package and visitor management to ensure the proper deliver of your packages and ensuring the safety and security of your premises.


  1. Security Guards: Our security associates receive the highest level of training designed to effectively manage emergency situations often acting as the initial point of contact to law enforcement, fire departments or other emergency services.  Understanding how to bring calm to a potentially tense or dangerous situation is a key part of our associates’ training program.   Sharply uniformed, Planned’s security team will be an important component to your building’s safe and easy atmosphere.


  1. Building Maintenance: Proper maintenance can extend the life of expensive systems such as HVAC. Detecting and repairing leaks in plumbing systems will reduce the costly impact of water damage.  Minor to major repairs, preventative maintenance and general upkeep are all part of our maintenance associates’ daily activities.


Target Markets

Planned Companies has enjoyed fruitful business relationships with some of the largest multi-family building management companies in the US for decades.  Our clients depend on us to provide well trained, neatly uniformed, and pleasant staff to handle their building service needs.   We strive to deliver personal service, like a local vendor, our size allows us to support multiple properties in different states.


Aside from multifamily buildings, we also have long experience working with Condo/HOA properties.   Working with a Homeowners Association is different than for example a management company in that we’re dealing directly with the owners who have their own high standards that we are committed to meet.


Commercial properties have different requirements from residential buildings. Services are typically performed “off-hours” and security, janitorial, maintenance & front desk requirements are more unique to each property.  Planned also provides quality real estate services to churches and schools.


Metros Serviced

Planned Companies is excited to be offering our incredible services in the West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami markets. We are the number one service provider for janitorial, security guard, front desk/concierge, and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. With Planned providing these services in these areas, we aim to enhance the quality of life for all tenants and residents.


Miami is a market that has incredible opportunity with commercial and residential properties. Miami has a residential market of 540 total properties that are under 143 different management companies. The market is growing, with a reported 61,000 new residential units currently under construction, the need for a service provider is essential. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in people moving to Florida and the residential market is projecting a steady increase. Miami is also home to many commercial spaces such as offices, schools, retail spaces, hospitals, and much more. The enhanced quality of Planned’s services make us an ideal fit for any type of property in Miami.


The Fort Lauderdale residential market is composed of 80% conventional residential units, meaning there are 406 different properties that require property services owned by 134 different management companies. 14,000 units are set to be under construction in 2022. While Fort Lauderdale has a large number of commercial properties in the area as well, which means that Planned has many services to offer that can be customizable and fit to any needs.


West Palm is the smallest market of the three, but still with a respectable 297 different properties that require property services owned by 112 different management companies. What makes Palm beach a unique space for Planned Company’s services is our security offerings for residential and senior communities. It is essential that residential communities have security that monitors and protects where they live, making Planned could be an ideal partner for your community.


Now more than ever, the cleanliness of your building is paramount to your tenants and residents. Planned has offered disinfecting solutions to ensure that each building we service is safe for all to enter. Our top priority has always been to enhance the lives of the people we so proudly service, and we are committed to making sure the Florida market will receive the highest of quality.


About Planned

Planned Companies was founded in Newark, NJ in 1898.  CEO Robert Francis is the fourth generation of his family leading the Planned team.

Planned’s core values of integrity, teamwork, exceptional customer service and never being complacent are key to our century-plus long history of success.   Our 4,500+ employees participate in multiple programs designed to reward commitment to these core values.   All Planned associates are employees, we don’t subcontract any of our work.  All associates are screened, recruited, and trained by our internal teams to ensure the highest level of quality assurance.


To Learn More

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