At Planned Companies, we have seen the weather forecasts this week – predictions of a nor’easter that will dump not just snow, but also stacking up some more challenges to an already difficult 2020.

Up to 14 inches of snow expected in Massachusetts. New York City is bracing for a foot of the white stuff. Washington, D.C. may not receive as much snow, but forecasters there are calling for a wintry mix of elements that could leave things icy.

Even if meteorologists are only correct half the time, one never knows which half. They do get some right, occasionally.

Unlike workers in so many fields, NOTHING stops our dedicated staff of Planned Companies employees. Not snow, social injustice or pandemics.

Through the entirety of 2020, we have never stopped serving our clients. Our team of 4,000 employees who work on-site at more than 1,000 client properties have kept our clients daily lives moving. Our security, front desk concierge staff and janitorial workers have been there through it all to serve the buildings and condominium that entrust their operations to the Planned team.

As Planned nears the end of this milestone year, we are grateful and thankful for our team of essential employees. These are some of the heroes who give of themselves each day, 52 weeks a year.

Thank you to each member of Team Planned for your commitment and dedication, especially during 2020. We are proud to call you colleagues and friends.

From our family to yours, best wishes this holiday season and for a healthy year ahead.