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A Note From Planned Companies’ CEO, Robert Francis

As the CEO of Planned Companies, as a father, a son, and a member of the industry & our community, I feel the anxiety and gravity of this time. Personally & professionally, we must do our part to make a tangible and positive difference in the lives of our clients, associates, friends and families. We at Planned continue to take on our responsibility to provide the necessary and appropriate supplies, equipment and professionally trained associates to address and mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Up-to-date information on CDC guidelines and prevention best practices can be found on a new section of our website, Our goal is to educate and inform our clients, our employees and the industry.

We are all in this together I wish everyone safety & good health.

– Rob

Planned’s Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall Series

Click the image below to visit our YouTube channel and theTown Hall playlist.

Local Virtual Town Hall Recordings

Client Messages of Appreciation

Dear Planned,

We are living in extraordinary times. But the bright spot in all of this has been Rosario! Rosario has been nothing short of amazing! She is professional, extremely reliable and most importantly, just a joy to work with! I have called on her time and time again, and she has been there every single time!Rosario came to the property and hit the ground running! In her first 2 weeks, residents were complimenting the changes that they saw immediately!

Thank you for placing her with me!

Community Manager

Hello & Good Afternoon Everyone!

You have all been extremely responsive to feedback that I give (and forward from residents) & quick to come inspect to ensure quality work was completed. For that, my Board & I thank you! You have also been doing a tremendous job with making sure everything is clean, sanitized & disinfected due to the virus.

I am happy to say that our site is thrilled with your work & on many occasions I have been told that the service level is a 180-degree turnaround from the previous vendor.

The second item is huge KUDOS I received yesterday from one of my elderly owners on the 8th floor, she is not great with e-mail so she decided to call me instead. She literally spoke to how amazing the crew has been on her floor. She indicated that “each & every day it is like clockwork to see Veronica in the hallway” She continued to go on about how Veronica meticulously vacuums, dusts, washes windows & even cleans the door handles to each unit door & stairwell doors on her floor. She said that she is so thankful to be taken care of in such a professional way. I told her that I would gladly pass on the message!

Through good times (Service Day & most “normal” days) & tough (current situation) there is nobody else I can imagine having by our side. I could not be happier to partner with you until at least December of 2023 when the next renewal comes up!

Have a great day & MOST IMPORTANTLY stay safe!

Community Manager

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Planned Companies, yourself, and the amazing Porters and Superintendent.

These people are the most dedicated and selfless staff. The effort made by Super Mike, Alba, Carlos, and Edison to keep us safe is incredible. The constant cleaning, the trash removal, mechanical repair, delivering packages when necessary, daily ongoing schedules and the responsibility to carry those tasks out has been above and beyond.

Our staff are our Frontline Heroes. Each and everyone has worked so hard to provide a sense of “normalcy.” Please let them know how much they are appreciated and how grateful we all are.

Association Board

Just a note wanting to let you know that we appreciate all the updates on COVID-19 information. Thank you for keeping residents informed on what is happening and all the safety measures that have been putin place to keep our site safe for all its residents, workers and limited visitors.

I would also like to commend one of our maintenance personnel, Martin, for the fine job he is doing, not only recently, but since he started working here in our building. With my daily trips in and out of the building, I see Martin just about every day. He is always busy at keeping our building in tip top shape with all he has to do. I must say I am so pleased to hear the vacuum running, knowing the carpeting is being cleaned whether it is in the lobbies or on one of the floors. Besides doing a great job in maintaining the building and keeping our building safe during this most difficult time, he always has a cheerful smile, a friendly wave, a “good morning,” etc. (and he keeps a social distance)!!!

Sometimes people are overlooked for a job well done so I just wanted you to know Martin is doing a great job and we are very lucky to have him here in our building as we are so lucky having you both looking out for our well-being here.

Thank you and have a great and safe day!


I want to take a moment of your time to tell you what a great job the Planned Companies staff is doing here at our site. Each of my janitorial staff: Pedro, Ramon, and David have all been cleaning constantly without ONE complaint. The Concierge staff, Anthony, Angela, and Eddie, have all been working non-stop, handling the packages without a complaint as well…

Each member is very dedicated, professional and all work very hard to provide a clean and safe environment for my residents. Everyone always has a smile!

Besim, Romulo, and Dino are all wonderful as well. Each one of them call me weekly to check on the staff and to see how I am doing here at this site. I really couldn’t have asked for a better team now.

I can’t thank you all enough for your hard work during this time and thank you for providing the amazing staff that I have been so fortunate to have inherited.

As always, the teamwork is fantastic!

Thank you again!

Community Manager

Good Evening,

I just wanted to reach out and inquire about a bonus for the staff Planned has provided at our property. Everyone has really gone above and beyond during this Coronavirus outbreak to accommodate the residents and building needs. Specifically, Ketch, LaTonnia, Manny, and Raphael have been even GREATER than usual.

Thank you for building us such a great staff and please let me know if this can be done. Have a great weekend.

Community Manager