Screening security employees carefully is one of the most critical tasks you can perform when it comes to protecting your building. This process reveals significant information regarding the history and character of potential candidates who may be taking on substantial responsibility at your property.


One of the most important pieces of information a screening process will reveal is if the prospective employee has a history of criminal activity or incarceration. While individuals who may have made mistakes in their youth often go on to be upstanding citizens in adulthood, this is still knowledge a hiring manager will need to weigh carefully, especially when it comes to a security position. The decision to hire someone with a criminal record should always be just that—a decision, not a surprise. That’s not to say that during the interview process an applicant won’t convince you that they’re ready and qualified to take on the responsibility of keeping your property secure. In fact, their history may motivate them to stop criminal activity more than someone who has had no prior experience with the criminal justice system. In the end, it all depends on the person, which is why careful questioning during the interview is just as important as a background check.

Prior Employment

Another valuable piece of data a background check will provide is a record of the applicant’s prior employment. Resumes or job applications are sometimes incomplete when submitted, often due to the need to condense information to fit on a page or having limited field space on a provided form. However, sometimes omissions are intentional; perhaps the potential hire wants to gloss over long periods of unemployment, or hide the fact that they change jobs every six months. Only by looking into their background yourself can you be sure you have the facts. If you discover areas of concern you need to discuss, you and the applicant can have a candid conversation about recent moves or frequent changes in employment.


In addition to criminal records and employment history, some background checks will also provide you with information such as the applicant’s credit score, driving record, and additional references. While these elements only represent part of a person’s life story, they can also be important factors in a hiring decision. Perhaps the applicant has never faced charges, but has been caught driving while intoxicated, or has a history of opening lines of credit they don’t repay. Such indicators of character are especially important when you’re hiring someone to keep your building and its tenants safe from harm. Any alarming elements in the applicant’s background should be discussed and evaluated prior to a hiring decision being made.

The screening process can be complex and difficult to manage, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. Planned Companies has prioritized perfecting this process to alleviate our clients of this tedious task, and to provide them with quality personnel they can be confident in. We’d love to discuss how we can support your management team, meet your staffing needs, and keep your building secure. Contact us today!