As a property manager, your main goals of keeping the property filled and the tenants happy comes with a lot of tasks, ones that you simply can’t do on your own. This is why you hire a team of professionals to take care of specific duties, like janitorial, maintenance, security, and concierge services. When you’re hiring for these specific roles, are you making sure that they are not only honest, hard-working employees, but also great customer service providers?

The best way to know you’re bringing on the right people is through effective screening. When you’re looking for the best and brightest candidates, you want to pick out the right ones and feel good about it. You’re not always going to be around when your employees are working and interacting with tenants and/or residents, so dependability is a big deal. We create in-depth questions intentionally so that our screening process can pinpoint the right qualities in potential employees. It’s important to know that an employee will not only do their job effectively and efficiently, but also do it while providing a sense of genuine care for the tenants and/or residents they’re working hard for.

Checking for the Right Attitudes

Any employee that excels in customer service will be able to perform their job while putting smiles on faces. While tenants and residents aren’t buying products from you, they are buying space and service. Your service employees should have the right attitudes. It’s important that screening possible employee candidates dives deeper than the smile on an employee’s face. It’s the friendly attitudes that really make up a great candidate—friendly, accommodating, patient, helpful. These are all attributes that leave lasting impressions.

Professional screening can help pick out those who have sustainable customer service qualities from those who are just outgoing. It can also pinpoint how a candidate would react when encountering difficult situations. Screenings involve in-depth questions that will help narrow down the candidate selections to those who will be most reliable when working in customer-service based roles.

The Balance of Friendliness and Work Ethic

Friendliness and a good work ethic are two different attributes, but both are needed for a truly successful service employee. Understanding that both do not always coincide with one another is important, and seeing how they both play a big role in your staffing decisions can make a huge difference in your choices. The friendly character that can make anyone smile is always going to be a great addition, but if they lack discipline and a good work ethic, then they may do more harm than good for your property.

The Added Value of Planned Companies Employees

In the end, it’s all about adding more value to your property. When you have Planned Companies employees working within your property, you’re getting an added value that compliments the space itself and even works to promote it. Putting the right kinds of workers into the spaces where people live and work is something to be proud of. When you have superior services, you can confidently advertise it and even consider that added value when pricing the spaces you rent.