As a property manager of a residential building or an office tower, one of your underlying goals is to provide your tenants with an experience that can’t be matched elsewhere. One way to add value for your tenants and increase their satisfaction is to offer a concierge service. When we think of concierges, we think of people at hotels who recommend restaurants or things to do for visitors, but in a residential or office setting, a concierge can provide much more than just that service. Read on to learn how a concierge service can add value to your building.

The Modern Concierge

In the era of Yelp and Google, we can all be overloaded with options for services, entertainment, and dining. A concierge right in your building will help your tenants avoid hours online searching for the perfect restaurant or a reliable dry cleaner. A concierge works by providing suggestions to clients that better equip them to navigate today’s complex world. Of course, this isn’t a job just anyone can do. You need a concierge who is well informed, up to date, and trained in customer service. We carefully screen our concierges before they’re even hired to ensure they have the right background before they undergo training.

A Personal Touch

How many times have you been on the phone with a corporation or lost in a store and just wanted to find a live person who could help you? This is the role a concierge fills for your tenants. In our fast-paced world, having the opportunity to slow down and have a conversation about an issue or question is becoming more and more rare. By adding a concierge to your building’s staff, you add one more friendly face and another person for your tenants to develop a relationship with. Whether they need an emergency service like a mechanic or just want suggestions for how to spend their weekend, your tenants will feel less adrift and isolated knowing the concierge is there to listen and help them find the resource they need.

If you’re considering adding concierge services to the amenities of your building, we’d be happy to provide guidance. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your life easier and grow your building’s reputation for excellence.