Planned Portfolio Manager – Automated Workflow

Coordinate all our services through a simple, streamlined app

What is Planned Portfolio Manager?



Planned Companies has worked to further simplify your daily operations through a custom-developed ‘Workflow’ application, known as the Planned Portfolio Manager (PPM). Planned Companies has defined PPM as the automation of its business operations, during which documents, information and/or tasks are passed from one Planned associate to another for review & action, according to a set of procedural business rules defined by the Planned Management Team.

Rather than employing separate janitorial, maintenance, security and concierge companies, businesses can rely on Planned Companies to provide all building services as well as assist in managing the workflow through the Planned Portfolio Manager. The app streamlines daily operations and provides a highly automated process control system for our valued clientele in order to provide transparency and consistency in our operational oversight.

With this important philosophy and embracing proven mobile technology, Planned Companies has taken the lead in the industry and developed state-of-the-art Workflow Apps that allow us to continue to exceed our clients’ customer service expectations.

The Key Benefits of Planned Portfolio Manager (PPM):

  • Improved Efficiency – Automation of many business processes result in the elimination of many unnecessary steps
  • Enhanced Customer Service – Consistency in the processes lead to greater predictability in levels of response to customers
  • Flexibility – Software control over processes enable their redesign in line with changing business needs
  • Business Process Improvement – Focus on business processes lead to their streamlining and simplification
  • Better Process Control – Improved management processes are achieved through standardizing working practices which also allow the availability to conduct audit trails

Workflow App Examples

Inspection Report – The operations manager has the ability to conduct, complete and issue an onsite inspection report (via email) to the site’s property manager before leaving the actual location. This Workflow app provides the supervisor with inspection reports, which allows for real-time property assessments that need improvement – therefore creating a streamlined follow-up. Utilizing mobile technology, Planned Companies also includes in its report a photograph of the Planned associate at the time of inspection.

Manager’s Data Entry Inspection Report to Client

Special Purchase Orders – Managers are able to generate and submit special purchase order directly to a client for final review and acceptance though our dedicated app. Our service delivery begins once the client acknowledges and accepts the terms.

HR App Related Processes – Status changes, vacation requests, address changes, bonus requests and much more are all handled through our dedicated HR app.

Timesheet App – Our Timesheet App is a real-time processing system that tracks associate timesheets with historical access of all prior time in previous pay periods. Accuracy and efficiency is achieved with a true-link back to Planned Companies’ payroll department for continued review and alerting when areas of budgets are exceeded.